Data Preprocessing Module.

This module contains several classes and functions that help to handle, preprocessing and aggregate Expyriment data files.





Extracts the experiment duration from event file and returns the time in minutes.


info_filename : str

name (fullpath) of the Expyriment event file


minutes : float

experiment duration in minutes

expyriment.misc.data_preprocessing.read_datafile(filename, only_header_and_variable_names=False, encoding=None, read_variables=None)

Read an Expyriment data file.

Returns the data, the variable names, the subject info & the comments:


filename : str

name (fullpath) of the Expyriment data file

only_header_and_variable_names : bool, optional

if True the function reads only the header and variable names (default=False)

encoding : str, optional

the encoding with which the contents of the file will be read

read_variables : array of str, optional

array of variable names, read only the specified variables


data : list of list

data array

variables : list of str

variable names list

subject_info : dict

dictionary with subject information (incl. date and between subject factors)

comments : str

string with remaining comments

expyriment.misc.data_preprocessing.write_concatenated_data(data_folder, file_name, output_file=None, delimiter=', ', to_R_data_frame=False)

Concatenate data and write it to a csv file.

All files that start with this name will be considered for the analysis (cf. aggregator.data_files)


data_folder : str

folder which contains of data of the subjects (str)

file_name : str

name of the files

output_file : str, optional

name of data output file. If no specified data will the save to {file_name}.csv

delimiter : str, optional

delimiter character (default=”,”)

to_R_data_frame: bool, optional

if True, data will be converted to a R data frame that is saved in a RDS file


The function is useful to combine the experimental data and prepare for further processing with other software. It basically wraps Aggregator.write_concatenated_data.

expyriment.misc.data_preprocessing.write_csv_file(filename, data, varnames=None, delimiter=', ')

Write 2D data array to csv file.


filename : str

name (fullpath) of the data file

data : list of list

2D array with data (list of list)

varnames : list of str, optional

array of strings representing variable names

delimiter : str, optional

delimiter character (default=”,”)