Platform-specific instructions: Linux


If you are in the lucky position of working on a Linux system, installing the required packages can be easily done via your package manager. On Debian-based systems (e.g. Ubuntu) the following command will install everything in one go:

sudo apt-get install python python-pygame python-opengl python-serial python-parallel python-numpy

Installing Expyriment

You can then install Expyriment with the online installer:

wget -P /tmp '' && sh /tmp/

Alternatively, you can download the Expyriment source (.zip) and install as described here.

For Ubuntu, there is furthermore a Expyriment package available through the following third-party PPA:


Switch off desktop effects, when running an experiment

Several window managers nowadays come with a compositing engine to produce 3D desktop effects. To get accurate timing of the visual stimulus presentation it is important to switch off desktop effects in your window manager!

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