Source code for expyriment

"""A Python library for cognitive and neuroscientific experiments.

Expyriment is an open-source and platform independent light-weight Python
library for designing and conducting timing-critical behavioural and
neuroimaging experiments. The major goal is to provide a well-structured
Python library for a script-based experiment development with a high priority
on the readability of the resulting programme code. It has been tested
extensively under Linux and Windows.

Expyriment is an all-in-one solution, as it handles the stimulus presentation,
recording of I/O events, communication with other devices and the collection
and preprocessing of data. It offers furthermore a hierarchical design
structure, which allows an intuitive transition from the experimental design
to a running programme. It is therefore also suited for students as well as
experimental psychologists and neuroscientists with little programming



__author__ = 'Florian Krause <>, \
Oliver Lindemann <>'
__version__ = '0.6.2+'
__revision__ = 'df3f5391d9d2+'
__date__ = 'Sun Apr 14 12:55:36 2013 +0200'

import sys as _sys

[docs]def get_version(): """ Return version information about Expyriment and Python. Returns ------- version_info : str Notes ----- For more detailed information see expyriment.get_system_info(). """ pv = "{0}.{1}.{2}".format(_sys.version_info[0], _sys.version_info[1], _sys.version_info[2]) #no use of .major, .minor to ensure MacOS compatibility return "{0} (Revision {1}; Python {2})".format(__version__, \ __revision__, pv)
if not(_sys.version_info[0] == 2 and (_sys.version_info[1] == 6 or _sys.version_info[1] == 7)): raise ImportError("Expyriment {0} ".format(__version__) + "is not compatible with Python {0}.{1}.".format( _sys.version_info[0], _sys.version_info[1]) + "\nPlease use Python 2.6 or Python 2.7.") else: print("Expyriment {0} ".format(get_version())) try: import pygame as _pygame if _pygame.vernum < (1, 9, 1): raise ImportError("Expyriment {0} ".format(__version__) + "is not compatible with Pygame {0}.{1}.{2}.".format( _pygame.vernum) + "\nPlease install Pygame 1.9.") except: raise ImportError("Expyriment {0} ".format(__version__) + "needs the package 'Pygame')." + "\nPlease install Pygame 1.9.") try: import OpenGL as _OpenGL if int(_OpenGL.version.__version__[0]) < 3: raise ImportError("Expyriment {0} ".format(__version__) + "is not compatible with PyOpenGL {0}.{1}.{2}.".format( int(_OpenGL.version.__version__[0]), int(_OpenGL.version.__version__[2]), int(_OpenGL.version.__version__[4]), ) + "\nPlease install PyOpenGL 3.0.") except: raise ImportError("Expyriment {0} ".format(__version__) + "needs the package 'PyOpenGL')." + "\nPlease install PyOpenGL 3.0.") import design _active_exp = design.Experiment("None") import control import stimuli import io import misc from _api_reference_tool import show_documentation from _get_system_info import get_system_info import _importer_functions exec(_importer_functions.post_import_hook())