The misc package.

This package contains miscellaneous classes, modules and functions.

See also expyriment.misc.extras for more misc.


expyriment.misc.compare_codes(input_code, standard_codes, bitwise_comparison=True)

Helper function to compare input_code with a standard codes.

Returns a boolean and operates by default bitwise.

Parameters :

input_code : int

code or bitpattern

standard_codes : int or list

code/bitpattern or list of codes/bitpattern

bitwise_comparison : bool, optional

(default = True)


Find an installed font given a font name.

This will try to match a font installed on the system that is similar to the given font name.

Parameters :

font : str

name of the font

Returns :

font : str

the font that is most similar If no font is found, an empty string will be returned.


List all fonts installed on the system.

Returns a dictionary where the key is the font name and the value is the absolute path to the font file.

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