Platform-specific instructions: Android


With Python and Pygame being ported to Android (PGS4A), it is in principle possible to use Expyriment on Android devices, however, without OpenGL support. This can be achieved by compiling Python, Pygame and Expyriment into a Java app, using PGS4A. For ease of use, we provide the “Expyriment Android Runtime”, an Android application which can be used to directly run experiments on an Andoroid device (with Android > 2.2).

Installing Expyriment

The easiest way to run experiments on Android devices is to use our “Expyriment Android Runtime” appplication. At the moment you can only download an experimental version from our download page. In the future, once a stable version is released, it will be available in the Google Play Store.


Experimental version
The current version of the “Expyriment Android Runtime” application is an experimental version and in an early development stage! This means that not all features are supported (e.g. no extras plugins) and that there might be bugs and other potential problems and limitations.

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