Expyriment test suiteΒΆ

The Expyriment test suite is a guided tool for testing your computer’s abilities/performance. This includes timing accuracy of visual stimulus presentation, audio playback functionality, mouse functionality and serial port functionality/usage.

Eventually, all test results can be saved as a protocol, together with some information about the system.

Starting the test suite

The test suite can either be started from within an experiment, or from an interactive Python session (for instance with IPython).

To start the test suite, just call:


Menu overview

Here is a brief explanation of the available options:

  1. Visual stimulus presentation
  • Tests if stimuli can be presented timing accurately
  • Tests if stimulus presentation is synchronized to the refresh rate of the screen
  • Tests the video card’s settings for buffering
  1. Auditory stimulus presentation
  • Tests functionality of audio playback
  1. Mouse test
  • Tests mouse accuracy (polling time)
  • Tests functionality of mouse buttons
  1. Serial port test
  • Tests functionality of devices connected via the serial port
  1. Write protocol
  • Saves all test results, as well as information about the system, as a text file.
  1. Quit
  • Quits the test suite

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