Command line interface


python -m expyriment.cli [OPTIONS] [EXPYRIMENT SCRIPT]

The Expyriment command line interface provides a collection of convenient
methods helpful for the development and testing of experiments as well as
functions to join the data output.

      -g | -0         No OpenGL (no vsync / no blocking)
      -1              OpenGL (vsync / no blocking)
      -2              OpenGL (vsync / blocking)
      -3              OpenGL (vsync / alternative blocking)
      -t              No time stamps for output files
      -w              Window mode
      -f              Fast mode (no initialize delay and fast quitting)
      -a              Auto create subject ID
      -i              Intensive logging (log level 2)
      -d              Develop mode (equivalent to -wfat)
      -b              Alternative blocking mode (blocking mode 2)

      -C              Create Expyriment template
      -J              Join data files to one single csv file
      -R              Join data files and create R data frame (in RDS file)
      -S              Print system information
      -T              Run the Expyriment Test Suite
      -A              Start the Expyrimnent API Reference Tool
      -B              Open browser with API reference
      -h              Show this help