Expyriment works with Python 2 and 3.


Expyriment depends on the following Python packages:

Additional Python packages, which are optional and only required for some features of Expyriment are:

  • NumPy (>=1.6,<2) (to use data preprocessing)
  • mediadecoder (>=0.1,<1) (to use enhanced video playback with support for various formats)
  • sounddevice (>=0.3,<1) (to use enhanced video playback with support for various formats with audio)
  • PySerial (>=3.0,<4) (to use serial port communication)
  • PyParallel (>=0.2,>1) (to use parallel port communication on Linux)

Please be aware that Expyriment plugins (extras) might have further dependencies.

Installing with pip

Expyriment (and its dependencies) can be installed with pip:

pip install expyriment

To install with additional optional features, use

pip install expyriment[FEATURE]

where FEATURE is one (or several, separated by commas) of:

Data preprocessing and exporting
Serial port communication
Parallel port communication on Linux (for Windows, please install one of the following parallel port drivers instead: inpout32 or dlportio)
Enhanced video playback with support for various formats
Download content from Expyriment stash
All of the above

Replace pip with pip3 when using Python 3.

Platform-specific instructions

We provide more detailed platform-specific instructions for installing Expyriment here: